Environment & Social Development Activities

Malana II HEP is an Environment friendly run-of-the river project that does not involve any displacement or rehabilitation of people. The project has been accorded Environmental Clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests in June, 2005 and Forest Clearance in December, 2005. The net forest land involved in the project is around 45 ha.

Six Monthly Progress Report


Local Area Development Plan (LADP)

EPPL has undertaken various social and community development activities on priority for overall economic development and for meeting the needs and aspirations of local people in the project area. A brief on the services rendered by EPPL on social considerations at the project site in recent years is as under

Education to locals

M/s EPPL stepped forward to promote education facilities in the project area. Teachers are employed by the company to ensure quality education in the local schools. Further, computers and other teaching aids have been provided in the schools.


Community Development

For community development, construction of hospital building, storage tank for drinking water facility, PCC Path ways and PCC drains, Community toilets, Dharamashala (Sarai) for pilgrims at local Devta Utak, viallage paths , Dish Antenna for cable TV etc. are being carried out through the Forest Department at Malana village. M/s EPPL is continuously undertaking awareness programmes on Environment, Personal Cleanliness and AIDS and other disease in project area villages. Company is also involved in encouraging local sports through financial assistance to the local clubs/ tournaments.


Medical Assistance and Health Care Activities

    • Medical dispensaries with medical facility have been established at power house site and Malana Village (near Dam Site). A doctor on a regular basis has been employed for taking care of health of locals and staff.
    • Two ambulances (One Ordinary and other with Ultra Modern Facilities) have been provided at the site and ambulance service is available free of cost for the locals in case of any emergency.
    • M/s EPPL has tied up with different hospitals for carrying out Medical Health camps on regular basis.