To provide the continuous Power by utilizing the discharge of Malana Nalah & to Generate the Energy to the extent possible by adopting best Operation & Maintenance practices.
To optimize & maximise the Generation by adopting best Engineering & Operation practices & thereby minimizing the downtime of the machines.

The Malana Stage – II Hydro Electric Project has been developed by Everest Power Private Limited in Himachal Pradesh on Malana river under run of river scheme. Malana river is one of the  tributaries of the Parbati River which flows into the Beas River. The Project is located near Village Chowki, in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh with Installed Capacity of 100 (2 x 50) MW.

The Project shall play a positive role in the Socio-Economic upliftment of Local People by way of better Infrastructure like Roads and Communication, Direct/Indirect Employment, Local Area Development activities, Medical Facilities etc. The State of Himachal Pradesh would be benefited with free energy revenue, Small and Medium Industries and boost in Tourism etc. The Project would contribute green energy around 400 million units per annum.